Is your website mobile-friendly?

 It's a simple fact that people are increasingly browsing the internet on mobile phones and tablets. There is a good (really good) chance that when someone hears about your product or your company for the first time, they will do a quick search and find you online... from their phone.  Their first encounter with your brand will be on a small screen in their hand. Their first attempts at engaging with your content will be with their finger, scrolling and pointing and poking. So here's the obvious quesion: Is your website mobile-friendly? 

Here is a report of unique visitor usage over the past year on the i6 Graphics website. It shows the percentage of total visitors accessing the site from mobile devices vs. desktop machines:

In August 2013, 90% of the access was via desktop and only 10% was mobile visitors. Fast forward to June of 2014, and the numbers have changed drastically to 55% mobile and only 45% desktop. The upward trend of mobile usage is undeniable. There is now a greater chance that a person will visit your site from their phone or tablet than from their desktop computer.

So the question again: Is your website mobile-friendly?

A mobile-friendly site will reformat and resize its content for the mobile screen. Have you ever encountered a website on your phone where the entire home page is shrunk down into the visible space of your screen? And you have to pinch and zoom and pray your finger clicks the correct link? It's a pain! 

If you've already got a website, bring it up on your phone or tablet and see how it looks and feels. If it's not mobile-friendly, start thinking about an overhaul! And make sure your next site is built to look beautiful across platforms.

If you're thinking about having a new website developed, don't overlook the importance of having it built with dynamic content. 


All of our websites are built to look beautiful on a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, you name it. Please let us know if you'd like a quote on a new website from i6 Graphics!