Relational Website Design... or "Why We Do Subscription Websites"

Last summer, I sat down with my cousin's husband in Lexington, Kentucky, to ask advice about designing websites. He is a really cool guy with an even cooler name... wait for it... Daniel Boone. Daniel is the Principal & Creative Director at Fusioncorp Design Creative Solutions in Lexington.

At the time, I was still tweaking my business model for i6 Graphics, and was asking lots of questions about how Fusioncorp designed and sold websites. Daniel was extremely helpful, full of great advice, and clearly spoke from years of experience. I gleaned much from the conversation, but there was one main takeaway: subscription-based sites.

Before then, I had struggled to nail down the right way to price out a website. When and where was the line drawn between the "completion" of the website and subsequent changes? What was the best way to charge for additional work after the website was "done?" How could I retain customers and keep them happy?

Daniel explained the model his company was using - an upfront fee for the initial design and build, then an ongoing monthly contract for hosting, site changes, updates, support, training, etc.

Brilliant. So why does this model work better?


Here's a common scenario: a business owner pays for a website to be designed. The designer builds the site, launches it, then disappears. Like the deist's view of God, who created the world then walked away, many designers build a site then vanish. Or in some cases, they stick around but charge huge hourly fees for any minor changes. This puts tons of pressure on the business owner to either live with a stale, outdated site, pay a designer to make changes, or go through the entire process again and build a totally new site.

There's a much better way. 

At the very core, subscription-based websites are RELATIONAL. With an ongoing contract, business owners are essentially adding a designer or design firm to their team! The frustration and extra cost of hourly design fees for minor changes is simply gone. Now a quick email or phone call to the designer is all it takes to fix those outdates business hours or staff pictures. Websites should be fresh and updated. 


With i6 Graphics, a monthly contract means we're joining your team. No more headaches about website issues. Now you have someone in your corner making sure your website is beautiful, powerful, and CURRENT!

  • We optimize every web page so search engines can find your content more easily.
  • We use dynamic content and responsive design so your website will display nicely on a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet.
  • We can train you on basic content management, so you can add blog posts, image galleries, calendar items, etc. on your own (if that's more convenient for you)
  • We don't charge any additional fees. Just the initial design fee, then the agreed monthly subscription fee for 24 months.

Don't get stuck with a stale and outdated website. The last thing you want to do is give wrong or misleading information to potential clients. Let us be part of your team and help make your business more successful!

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