Throwing Your Baby to the Barbarians


Entrusting Our Design Team with Your Precious Brand

You know your brand better than anyone else. It began as a small seed of an idea inside you, then grew and developed over time. You lived with it inside you and felt it grow and change. Finally, at some point, you went through the birthing process of pushing the idea out of your head and onto a piece of paper. It may have been messy and still underdeveloped, but the beginnings of your brand came out and became alive in a new way. 

Perhaps your concept is still stuck in the infant stage, just a quickly-sketched idea on a fast food napkin sitting on your dresser, a daily reminder of the idea you birthed but haven’t nurtured. You most likely realize it’s time to take the next step: to hire a designer and help bring the idea to the next stage of development...

But that would mean letting other people put their hands on your precious idea! 

We get it.

It’s tough to go through the growing pains of developing your brand, especially when you allow others to give input. It may feel like you’re opening the doors and throwing your baby to the barbarian hoard, crossing your fingers, and hoping for the best – hoping that somehow the idea you birthed will emerge at the other end still intact and not maimed beyond recognition.

We love what we do at i6 Graphics. We get the opportunity every day to work directly with people - just like you - who have entrusted their brand to us. A slogan we often use is: “It’s our business to make yours look good.” We are only successful when we know we’re helping you succeed. Our number one priority is making sure your message is effectively (and powerfully) communicated through your branding and marketing.

Although the idea of putting your baby in someone else’s hands may be tough, it could be the best possible way to push your company to the next level. We would love the opportunity to take that next step with you!

Brandan RitcheyComment