Don't Get Caught In a Nasty Web


Web design is one of the most important tools that too many people misuse. We work, live, and interact in a world that is reading paper newspapers less and less, and is instead looking to websites and online platforms to gain new information.

People are looking at websites more than ever before. So why settle for a poorly designed one?

Here's the reality. We are, in some cases, only as good as our first impression. Think about it. When you go to a job interview, you don't show up wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. Neither do you go on a first date without combing your hair, or walk into a room with mustard stains on your shirt when you're meeting with a big client.

Why? Because you want the people you meet with to take you seriously!

Is this to say that your "look" is more important than your product? Absolutely not. Your quality products and incredible customer service are the things that will keep reliable customers around for the long haul. However, many people will never get the opportunity to hear your "product voice" because your "branding voice" is saying things that sound sloppy and unprofessional. So let's make our websites beautiful, clear, and user friendly. 

Here's what we recommend: 

    Nobody wants to spend five minutes trying to figure out how to access your content. Be sure to make content location clear and concise.
    We've all seen it. Light text on a too light background, or dark text on a too dark background. How about clashing colors like red text on a blue background? Regardless, we urge you: be careful with your color choices. Colors communicate more than you may realize!
    This includes photos, fonts, and any other design elements. How can you expect to be taken seriously if all of your photos are blurry and pixelated? Be sure to use the right graphic elements to increase the appeal of your site. 
    This plays hugely into both your "branding voice" and your "product voice." We encourage all designers and business owners to not only create great web visual appeal, but also produce great web content. Know that people are reading the words that you write;  therefore, it's important to choose your words carefully, and try not to have any tpyos in you're tetx! 
Brandan RitcheyComment