Why Is Graphic Design Important?


It's important to look good. 

Whether you're showing up for a job interview or a first date, you need to look good. What would a potential employer think if you showed up to an interview wearing that mustard-stained, ripped up polo of yours? For starters, you probably wouldn't get the job. And let's be honest, your business probably has a couple of "mustard-stained polos" of its own.

Here are the Top 4 Reasons why graphic design is monumentally important for a successful business. 


1. It helps your business look good.

We live in a world that places a huge emphasis on first impressions. You probably know from experience that once you develop a negative first impression of someone or something, it can be extremely hard to shift your opinion.

I experienced this three years ago when I went out to eat with a close friend of mine. My first experience at this particular restaurant was terrible. The food was cold and the service was slow and unfriendly. After this bad first experience, you better believe that I declined any future invitations to eat there. Finally, after several months, I gave it another chance, and it was amazing. Piping hot food and incredible service. This establishment wasn't a bad one. They just gave me a poor first impression.

Graphic design can help your business to provide a good or bad first impression to the world. With business cards and web design being at the forefront of first impressions, it's important that these platforms are designed well, with first impressions in mind. 

2. It makes you stand out.

You're not the only show in town. People have options. No matter what industry your business is in, odds are, you aren't alone. So how can you keep yourself above the waves of competition? Beautiful graphic design can be a deciding factor for many. When deciding where to eat dinner or shop, people are absolutely more drawn to choosing a venue with professional branding and packaging. After all, people want quality products and services, so quality packaging and design just makes sense!

3. It gives your business legitimacy. 

The truth is, a business that invests in great graphic design is going to appear more trustworthy than one that doesn't. One of the ugliest logos I've ever seen was for a dentistry practice. The branding featured a very pixelated clip art tooth dancing over a vibrant, neon toothbrush. Let's be honest, would you really trust that dentist with your pearly whites? I didn't. Professional branding communicates legitimacy and trustworthiness.

4. It provides consistency across the board.

When you have a well-developed brand, it means that your logo and visual representations are consistent. This is another factor that can generate trust among your audience and customer base, because they are able to have the same experience interacting with your brand whether it's online, in a flyer, or on a billboard. In addition to generating trust, this also ensures that your brand is always recognizable. 

If you'd like to hire us to help take your brand to the next level with a new website and beautifully designed print pieces, we're ready to partner with you. Let us know how we can help!

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