Don't look so blue!


The truth behind the power of color. 

Have you ever wondered why the McDonald's logo is yellow and red, rather than vibrant blue, or why Apple consistently uses colors like white, silver, and black for the heart of their marketing platform?

The truth is, colors are important. They help us to feel. This is the very reason that hospital rooms are painted with cool and refreshing colors, rather than bright and exotic ones. 

We want to partner with YOU, in order to help you select the right colors for your marketing strategy. 

Let's discuss what some of these colors are actually saying: 

  • BLUE: Blue often generates feelings of coolness and tranquility. Perhaps because this color is shared by both the sky and water, both of which are also connected with calmness. Blue also generates feelings of trust, reliability, and security.
    Examples of reliable companies that use the color blue: Walmart, i6 Graphics, Facebook, and Ford.
  • ORANGE: Orange is a vibrant and lively color. It often generates feelings of warmth, energy and excitement. Orange is also often associated with affordability and good deals. 
    Examples of companies that use the color orange: Amazon, Payless, & Discover.
  • GREEN: Green is a standard color for most companies that deal with farming, planting, and general habitat management. When we think of Earth, we think green. In fact, the efforts of "going green" and protecting the earth are all associated with this color. Green is also commonly associated with health and prosperity. 
    Examples of companies that use the color green: John Deere, Whole Foods, and Animal Planet.

These are only a few examples of colors and the depth of meaning that lies behind them. However, there are many, many more! In fact, the human eye is capable of seeing 10 million unique colors. And for each unique color, there is meaning and depth that can add something special to your business's branding identity. 

Why is the McDonald's logo red and yellow instead of blue? Probably because the color red triggers stimulation, appetite, and hunger, and yellow triggers feelings of happiness. Mix them together and you've got fast food. McDonald's isn't the only one either. Many fast food restaurants use red and yellow in their brands, including Burger King, In-N-Out Burger, KFC, and many others. 

Your company is important and so is your company's branding identity. Don't let the wrong color paint your brand into a corner. 

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments section below! 



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