5 Reasons Not to Try DIY Design


Every small business owner is tempted to try to do everything and take on too many responsibilities in an effort to save money. 

With the rise of DIY Everything comes the pressure to avoid spending money on experts and to simply "figure things out on your own." In some circumstances, the theory rings true; however, most of the time your best DIY efforts actually end with wasted time, wasted money, and less-than-desired results.

The truth is: it is oftentimes more cost effective in the long run to trust your project with an expert.

I remember trying to tackle a tricky plumbing project in my home a few years ago. I spent hours and hours of trial and error, took multiple frustrating trips to Home Depot, gave myself bloody knuckles, and developed a migraine. After so much time, money, and energy spent, I STILL ended up calling a plumber and paying for his expertise. He finished the job quickly and neatly, and I was able to breath easy knowing the job was done right. 

One area in particular where small business owners fall into the DIY trap is graphic design and marketing.

While they may opt for professionals to help them with bookkeeping, legal advice, and building maintenance, they feel hesitant to pay for a professional to help them with logo branding, marketing, and website design. It's no wonder so many business owners feel like their marketing and branding is falling short. It's often a huge point of frustration. 

But it doesn't have to be.

(Following excerpt from article published by Rob Garza on Linked In (March 19, 2015)

Hiring a Graphic Designer:
1. Saves Time
You have enough on your plate already. Do you really have to spend time trying to come up with designs for your logo, brochures or powerpoint templates? A graphic designer can come up with a design or format a marketing document in a quarter of the time it will take you to do it yourself.
2. Saves Money
A graphic designer will know the most cost effective ways to design your materials to keep your printing costs to a minimum. By the time you’ve been able to create a layout using Microsoft Publisher (a program printers hate, and will charge you an arm and a leg to print from), a designer would be able to design a proper file in their graphic suite of software, that printers will not have an issue with.
3. Helps You Stand Out From the Rest
Having a template logo or look and feel you bought cheap online is not going to help you stand out from your competition. The only way people are going to remember you and your business is if your materials stand out compared to the rest. Having a distinct brand is what is going to raise your business above your competition.
4. Keeps Your Look Consistent
If you’ve gone through the effort of hiring a designer, but then try and mimmic their work on your own, your look and feel may lose it’s edge by being inconsistent. A designer will know which fonts to use where, will keep font sizes and colors consistent and ensure the overall look and feel of all your materials will consistently capture your brand.
5. Helps You Get the Results You Want
Many clients have an idea of what they want their business materials to look like, but have no way to convey them. A designer will be able to get through your list of preferences and ensure that your end results will not only look the way you want but will help you achieve the goals you set out for your business materials.
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