Good Design Matters


I often ask business owners about their marketing strategy. “What are you doing to present your product or services to potential customers?” “What is the current state of your visual identity as a business and as a brand?” 

Over the years, I’ve heard many responses that sound something like this, “I’m cheap when it comes to that stuff. I usually just do it myself. Why spend a bunch of money on website and marketing materials? Will it really make a difference?” 

That’s actually a great question. It’s a question every organization leader has to ask. So I will answer. Yes. Yes, it does make a difference! Good design matters.


Paul is a handyman. He knew he needed to build up a larger list of clients, so he made the decision to invest some time, money, and energy into marketing. His plan was to design a flyer himself, find someone to help him print them on quality paper, then distribute them to homes in his preferred working area. 

Paul did his best to design a flyer with all his information and a list of services. He contacted i6 Graphics to ask for a printing quote and sent us his flyer. He wanted it printed as an 8.5x5.5 flyer on nice, glossy paper. Here is the flyer as it would have been printed.

We asked Paul if he would consider letting us give his flyer a professional makeover. We would use use the same imagery and the same content, but create a more visually appealing layout that would be sure to grab the attention of a potential customer. 

Here is the professional version of the flyer that we designed and printed for Paul. 

Although Paul would have saved some money by designing the flyer himself, he also would have lost potential customers by distributing flyers that did not communicate the right message in a clear way. In the long run, his attempt to save some money on the design aspect would have cost him much more in potential clients and sales.


Good design matters.

Don’t settle for less than beautiful, powerful, professional marketing materials that will communicate your brand the right way. Your products and services are great, so don’t sell them short by presenting them in a homemade, unprofessional way!

Andrew IsaacsComment