Graphic Design Is Terrible At Hide & Seek


Let's face it, graphic design is everywhere. 

I'd even venture to say that it's one of the most common things in the world. Think about it. The world is full of products, right? Furniture, cars, buildings, clothing, food...our society is largely comprised of things. And it's only natural that the people who created those things wanted them to look as beautiful and unique as possible, right? 

When you think of graphic design, there are a few things that probably come to mind: logos, websites, prints... But the thing is, there are infinite forms that those services can take. 

I hope that this article helps to broaden your view of graphic design and the great influence that it has in our society. 

Ready or not, here we go:

  • The brands that you see on a daily basis.


  • The websites that you've gone to time and time again.


  • The things that you read while relaxing at home.


  • The places where you get way too full.


  • The stores that keep you and your family prepared. 


  • The car that takes you where you want to go.


  • The things that keep you safe.


  • The little things that tell others who you are.


  • The things that make your meals delicious. 


  • The music that keeps you moving forward.


  • The toys that can cause messes, but mostly smiles.


  • The clothes that you're wearing right now. 


Design is everywhere, whether you like it or not!

Let's embrace it and do our part to make designs the best that they can be. 

Brandan RitcheyComment