The Way Your Words Look


Your message to the world is important.

However, the way your words LOOK can sometimes be just as important as the words themselves. In this blog post, I'll explain why this is true. But first, take a look at the activity below and see which items you think match up the best!

It probably wasn't too hard to match those up. After all, whether you're a designer or not, all of us have developed a level of sense when it comes to style and branding. You're not going to trust your finances with someone who has a fun, child-like typeface for their logo, the same you probably wouldn't trust your children at a daycare center that has a fancy, "adult-like" logo. 

In the same way that brands use color, shape, and typefaces to generate specific emotions, the words that you write everyday also generate feelings, whether you're meaning for them to or not! 

When it's time to start figuring out what your words look like and why, a good place to start is by figuring out the difference between fonts and typefaces. 

1. Fonts vs. Typefaces

  • A typeface is a grouping of fonts that have similar characteristics.
  • A font is referring to an individual family member of that typeface.

For example, if we consider the typeface "Gotham," the fonts that might fall under that typeface are Gotham "light, medium, black, & ultra." These different "weights" are the fonts, while the typeface refers to the general category: Gotham. 


Another important question of typeface: Sans Serif vs. Serif

What's the difference? Look at the image above for reference. Sans Serif fonts are often modern and trendy, while Serif fonts are often more sophisticated and fancy. Serif fonts also tend to be easier to read for long chunks of text. 

Our words are important. Absolutely. But sometimes the way our words LOOK can carry just as much weight. So let's communicate well! 

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