A Beautiful Website Could Be Your Biggest Asset


We live in a world that is moving further away from paper, and more and more toward online sharing and advertising. Because of this, we try to do our part to provide people like you with an unprecedented online presence. This blog post will explain how a beautiful website could help your business or organization get ahead of the competition.


People like to find what they are looking for as clearly and quickly as possible. When it comes to website navigation, we always advise to keep it simple. Navigation can range from a small website with only one or two pages, to an exhaustive list of folders and tabs. Regardless of the size of the website, the most important thing should be the user experience. We want the user to be able to travel throughout the entire website without any issues or confusion. Some people are tech-savy and can manage a complicated website without a problem, but we believe that a great website is one where anyone can navigate through it with ease. 


Brand Consistency
You have a logo. You have a style. You have a brand. One common mistake that we see far too often is brand inconsistency. When building a website, we ensure to embrace your company or organization's brand by selecting the proper colors, images, and typefaces. It's important for your customers and users to be able to recognize you by your visual appearance whether its on paper or on the web. 


The content on your site is important. While brand consistency keeps the look of your message cohesive across the board, the content of your site is the message that is being projected. The words that you use and how you use them can strongly reflect your values, beliefs and identity. Although we certainly value informative content and well worded paragraphs, there's a time and place for everything. In regard to content, sometimes less is more. Think about it. If you were to go onto a website and saw an overwhelming amount of text, you may be discouraged to read it all. However, when you see short and concise sections and sentences, its much easier to digest. This is why we recommend keeping home pages short and clever and expanding thoughts and more detailed information on other pages. Paragraph breaks help every now and then too! 


The bottom line is this: Our world is online. We can try to ignore it or we can choose to embrace it and create a beautiful and effective online presence for ourselves. Here at i6 Graphics, our number one goal is to help you succeed. If you're interested in a new website or if you just need some advice or web-building tips, we're a resource for you. Let us know!


As always, thanks for reading. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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