Business Cards: A Ticket To Success


We live in a world where computer has become king.

With more and more people resorting to digital record keeping, online banking and e-commerce, sometimes it may seem as though paper is going out of business.

This article will explain why business cards aren't dead, why you should have some, and how to effectively use your business cards to enhance, promote, and grow your business. 

Reason #1 why business cards are alive & well

Have you ever heard the expression, "Elephants never forget?" Well, people do. A lot. How many times have you met someone, engaged in conversation with them, and by the end of the discussion, you're forced to ask the awkward question, "So, what was your name again?" 

It's not just names either. Phone numbers, website URLs, email addresses... people aren't going to remember any of those things from you simply bringing it up in conversation. A business card is a small, convenient reminder of identity that can be hugely beneficial to both the giver and the recipient. 

Reason #2 why business cards are alive & well

Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity! Business cards can be great tools to open doors of opportunity. Whether you're looking for a job, a customer, a partner, or even just a friendship, business cards provide a way of connecting with other people. When you meet someone and give them your card, just the act of exchange itself is enough to generate a positive start to that relationship. Also, the exchange of business cards is often a doorway to a relationship, meaning that in many instances, its the first impression. Before a customer has a chance to eat at your restaurant or have their hair done at your salon, they see your card. Now, there are, of course, instances when the business card isn't the first impression. Perhaps they ate at your restaurant first and loved your food so much that they took a business card so that they could recommend it to a friend. Either way, the business card can serve as a doorway to opportunity, so let's be sure not to keep that door locked!

Reason #3 why business cards are alive and well

Let's face it. Many people have fallen into the habit of judging books by their covers. Business cards are a very professional tool that communicates to people that you're the real deal. You're official. You're professional. When you're meeting a potential customer for the first time, handing them your business card tells them that this isn't your first rodeo. 


Yes, it's true that we live in a world of growing technology. Yes, its true that people are turning more and more to digital tools and online marketing. However, ignoring the power and leverage that can be found in freshly designed business cards could be a terrible mistake. Your business card is a tangible piece of your business that not only "puts a face to the name," but also serves as a constant reminder that your business exists and is ready to work! 

Business cards never need to be charged. They never suffer from dead zones or internet outages. You don't need Wi-Fi to pass a business card along to an acquaintance! In places where your phone must be turned off and your computer might be dead, your business card is still doing its job. Connecting people with your business. 

What's your experience with business cards? Have your business cards helped you become more successful? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, thanks for reading!