Cookbook Design & Printing

Are you ready to move your delicious recipes out of your head and into a book?
i6 Graphics has the experience and skills needed to transform your recipe list into a beautiful and user friendly cookbook!




Cookbook Design

We've all seen bad cookbook design. The countless "cheesy" clipart graphics from page to page. But in the 21st century, that's not what people want to see! People are flipping through your cookbook for guidance - for direction. They want to see actual high resolution photos of how their meal will turn out, accompanied by beautiful photos of happy, smiling people. 

It's not all about the photos either. How about the typefaces, fonts and other graphic elements? i6 Graphics promises to never contribute another Papyrus infested cookbook to the world. We offer premium, modern, and updated design elements for your cookbook so that YOU WILL WIN.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 10.24.12 AM.png


Cookbook Printing

I'm sure you've flipped through cookbooks that seem to have been printed in someone's basement. That's not what we're about here at i6 Graphics. We offer premium quality printing with binding options and full bleed printing. Gone are the days of smudged text, flimsy pages, and broken spines. With our premium quality printing process, you know you're getting a winner. 


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