Pour Taproom had an established logo and website, but were looking for help with unifying their brand identity across multiple taproom locations in the United States. i6 Graphics developed a Brand Identity Guide to bring consistency to all digital media and printed marketing. We've also had the privilege of designing & printing business cards, rack cards, product labels, and more.




Brand Identity Guides are invaluable to organizations looking to bring consistency to their brand.

When the look and feel of a brand is not intentionally maintained, it will quickly deteriorate into sloppy marketing, poor font and color choices, and a confused identity. 

A style guide can be used both inside and outside of the organization:

  • It is used within an organization to help all levels of employees carefully maintain the brand identity in printed pieces, emails, and all communication.
  • It is used outside of the organization to give specific guidelines to vendors, contractors, and printers who are producing brand-related materials.





i6 Graphics is the preferred design & print company for all of Pour Taproom's locations. We provide business cards, flyers, rack cards, labels, and more.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel every time a new marketing piece is needed, Pour Taproom managers know they can count on i6 Graphics to quickly and professionally deliver high-quality design pieces and hassle-free printing.