Timothy Baptist Church in Athens, GA, keeps i6 Graphics on retainer for their ongoing graphic design needs. Our team manages the Timothy website and provides the church with multiple graphics projects each month, including event graphics, ministry logos, web banner announcements, flyers, banners, and other printed materials.




Timothy Baptist Church is a large church in Athens, GA, with thriving ministries and a constant need for event graphics, print design, and web updates.

They are also active in the community, regularly hosting outreach events which need strong marketing and online communication.

i6 Graphics is on a monthly retainer contract with Timothy Baptist, providing ongoing website and graphic design support. 

We've helped transform and establish Timothy's brand as a church that is Christ-centered and people-focused. 


If you're interested in exploring a monthly design agreement with i6 Graphics, please let us know!




Timothy Baptist Church uses their website to connect with current church members and to announce upcoming events.

They also use the site to collect registration information for events, to feature select sermons, to collect donations, and to share information about church services.

i6 Graphics builds websites with dynamic content that is optimized for mobile devices. Our sites all come standard with features like: customizable forms, image galleries, video players, audio players, event calendars, site analytics, and much more!

Check out the site: